DataTrust Solutions was founded in 2008 to solve the complex data transition challenges facing organizations in regulated industries. DTS develops software and provides services to help organizations manage and move data over its lifecycle, while meeting compliance requirements.

All storage hardware has a limited useful lifespan and thus the content stored on it must eventually be moved to a new home. Data, meta-data, streams, extended attributes, permissions and ACLS not only have to be moved, but preserved and also verified. In addition, compliance adds requirements including chain-of-custody, data retention, and data disposition while performing the migration or data conversion process.

At DTS, we believe that a successful migration requires expertise in applications, storage systems, file systems, object systems, APIs and software development. What sets DTS apart from "storage to storage" vendors is our application knowledge. What differentiates DTS from "application API recall migrations" is performance, individual file verification and knowledge of the applications versus just understanding the application API.

The DataTrust Solutions' team hails from the leaders in our industry: IBM, StorageTek, Dell, HP, Plasmon, Sun, Microsoft and EMC, to name a few. With an average of 20+ years experience in software, storage and archiving; they have launched over a 100 products and generated billions in revenue.

DTS is located in Lousiville, Colorado, inside the infamous storage alley, which is home to over 40 storage companies and 200 software companies.

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