Cloud Migration

Have your cloud requirements have changed? Does the data in your existing cloud storage (Public or Private) need to be relocated?
Does the data in your exiting hybrid cloud storage need to be moved and all the time stamps, meta data and ACLs need to be preserved during a move to another cloud? Is your cloud data subject to governance or compliance and a chain-of-cutody report is needed for a transition?

If your organization is facing these challenges let DataTrust Solutions Professional Services assist you. Our team has been working with cloud storage options since 2000, when we pioneers creating the first cloud storage options. Consequently we have the skills and experience to help move your data forward. most likely longer than every other service provider. engages with partners that would prefer to have DTS deliver services to their customers, while the partner manages their customer relationship and stays engaged throughout the implementation. DTS provides sales and technical resources to insure your success.

Services include:

  • Strategic analysis
  • Requirements gathering
  • Solution design
  • Risk assessment
  • Data migration
  • Data verification
  • Transition from file systems to hybrid cloud to cloud
  • Backup to cloud
  • Tier to cloud
  • Multi-cloud implementations

Typical Cloud projects:

  • Public cloud to Public cloud (e.g. Amazon to Azure) migration
  • Public cloud to Private cloud ( e.g. Azure to EMC ECS) migration
  • Archive to Public Cold Storage (e.g. InfiniVault to Glacier) migration
  • Hybrid cloud to Public cloud (e.g. Panzura to Amazon) migration
  • Offload cold data from expensive NAS to Private Cloud
  • Backup one cloud to another (e.g. Amazon to Azure)

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