Services for IBM FileNet

The DataTrust Professional Services Team offers a range of services for IBM FileNet Panagon and IBM FileNet P8 implementations. Our customers range from a small to multi-national, including: sheriffs offices (e.g. county records), defense contractors (e.g. 401Ks) to international insurance providers (e.g. policies). Regardless of the size of the organization or amount of data in the archive our professional services is prepared to meet your needs.

Our services include:

  • FileNet Archive Migrations
  • Conversions
  • Recovery from Media


Archive Migrations:

Has the archive storage vendor reached end of support for your MO optical media or 12” optical media?Need to move from OSAR to disk based storage in the most efficient manner possible? Bought into Centera and implemented CSAR as the next logical step after optical and now want to move to disk? DataTrust Solutions provides archive migrations for Paragon and P8 archives. By avoiding the Image Service APIs and cache and reading content directly from the storage device maximum peformace can be achieved.


Need to move off FileNet to another Content Management System like EMC Documentum, Hyland OnBase or IBM Content Manger?The  DataTrust Solutions PS team is here to extract your content, meta-data and annotations from FileNet paragon or P8. The extraction can be the native files or the content can be converted into a common format like PDF, PDF-A or TIFF. If there are any FileNet proprietary image or COLD documents they can be converted to TIFF format.Convert Also any FileNet mulit-page documents can be converted to multi-page TIFF format. To facilitate the conversion an import file is generated including the document ID, meta-data and a link to the content for easy import to the new Content Management System.


Optical jukebox recently quit working and the high cost of buying maintenance just for a migration breaking the budget? DataTrust Solutions can recover FileNet content from production, tranlog or backup copies of media. This service can be performed at your site or in our lab. The content can be written to another supported media format or prepped for conversion to another content system. Alternatively we can supply the problem hardware for processing on-site.

Our FileNet services use internally developed code and proven methodologies to deliver a successful migration or conversion project. Our team will work with your organization every step of the way from planning through validation. Contact our Professional Services team to learn more about how we can simplify your FileNet migration or conversion.

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