DataTrust Solutions offers a full range of professional service offerings to compliment and extend those of our partners. Data migrations and data conversions are complex, time consuming projects that require detailed planning and in depth knowledge of multiple technologies to be successful.

Our Service team consists of architects, project managers and technical consultants. They average over 20+ year experience and come from leading storage and application vendors. Our expertise, experience and attention to detail can help project duration and minimize risk on your next project.

Although no two projects are the same DTS follows a 7 step methodology:

  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Test
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Cut-over
  • Reports

Benefits of using our Data Migration Service:

  • Comprehensive management of migration project
  • Proven methodology and skilled resources
  • Minimal start-up time
  • Continuous access to data
  • Zero loss of data integrity
  • Optimal performance minimizes project duration
  • Minimal impact to IT staff and resources
  • Additional infrastructure
  • Cost-effective

DataTrust Solutions offers two primary services: data migration and content conversion services.


Archive Migration (switch storage)

In an "archive migration" the content managed by an application is moved from a legacy storage system to a new storage system. In the easiest case the application accesses content from the legacy and new storage via the same CIFS or NFS protocol. In a more complex case the application originally wrote to storage via and API and after the content is moved the new location requires access via a file system interface or different API call. These situations require updates to the application pointers. An example would be FileNet archiving documents to EMC Centera and the customer desires to replace the Centera with Isilon. The content must be moved and the application must be updated so it can find the content at its new location via a UNC path instead of an object ID via CSAR.

After access the most critical part of an archive migration is verification that the migration process was successful. At DTS we use cryptographic hashes to verify the integrity of every file by comparing pre and post migration hashes. Verification also requires that the file meta-data, time stamps, ACLS and permissions be identical.

Conversion (switch Apps)

If a customer wants to "transition applications" the content is typically not directly transferrable from one application to another. Conversion projects are more complex than archive migrations and require considerable planning and project management. Knowledge of both the source and target applications, APIs, meta-data, databases and storage systems used are required for a successful conversion.

DTS has considerable application, format conversion and cross application mapping expertise and provides conversion services for a wide range of applications.


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