Recovery and Backup Software for Centera

Cost effective data protection of EMC Centera is the primary mission of Recovery and Backup Software for Centera (RBS).

Although Centera utilizes on array data protection techniques, irrecoverable data loss may still occur due to:

  • Inadvertent human deletion
  • Intentional human deletion
  • Microcode failures
  • Application errors
  • Service errors

RBS for Centera was designed to solve the problems associated with backup and recovery operations for EMC Centera. RBS for Centera is delivered as software that runs on a Linux 64-bit server. RBS can back up the Centera to either integrated disk, NAS, iSCSI SAN, cloud or present itself as a target for tape applications. In version 2.5 EMC ECS and ViPR data services are now supported as targets.

RBS for Centera allows for a full, incremental or single file backup. If RPO is important then RBS for Centera can run continuously providing near continuous data protection. Alternatively RBS can be scheduled to run on a cycle. RBS for Centera provides the following flexible recovery operations:

  • Single C-clip
  • A file containing a list of C-clips
  • Selectable list of C-clips
  • Data range of C-clips
  • Full Recovery

For simplicity and reliability, RBS accesses Centera via its native API interface and performs queries and read-only copy operations. RBS never puts any Centera data at risk. Raw Centera data including clipIDs, CDFs and BLOBS are copied out by RBS and written to a pre-defined target. Then the content is verified using Centera hashes to insure the operation was successful.

RBS tracks all data on Centera even deleted data. Standard reports provide a deeper understanding of the data on Centera and the RBS operations run. Customizable reports provide another layer of flexibility for operational and data analysis.

Link to download Backup Recovery Software for Centera datasheet.

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