Migration Software for Centera

Migration Software for Centera (MSC) was specifically developed to facilitate the compliant migration of data from Centera to another storage platform, including a newer Centera. MCS now supports writing to EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storge) and EMC ViPR data services.

Our Centera migration software was developed to meet the needs of customers subject to compliance laws and regulations. Every migrated file is verified against the source file using the same MD5 hash Centera uses for internal integrity checks. Reporting options include: source inventory, successfully migrated files, not migrated files and chain-of-custody reports.

Applications write to Centera via its API, DX, CUA, Rainfinity/CTA, and TSM. DTS is the only vendor to support all the access methods to Centera, allowing us to provide the most complete migration capabilities.

Engineers at DTS have over a decade of experience working with Centera and understand the technical issues surrounding the black box complexity of Centera and the software reflects this knowledge.


  • Enable continuous user and applications access to data
  • Optimize extraction performance to minimize project duration
  • Use Policies to only move the data that is needed
  • Use automation with alerts to minimize the impact to your IT staff
  • Enable flexible scheduling
  • Pass Retention parameters
  • Status statistics detail migration progress
  • Preserve chain-of-custody for all compliant data

Migration Software for Centera ha an easy to uses GUI with administrative access via a standard web browser. The MSC application was written in Java and runs in a Linux 64-bit operating environment. A typical server configuration uses a 4 core CPU with 16GB RAM and 200GB local storage.

Migration Software for Centera is a multi-threaded application and provides throttle controls to dynamically speed up or slow down the data migration. For large environments multiple MSC instances can be run in parallel.

A scheduler allows the administrator to selectively run or stop the migration based upon the needs of the business. Alerts minimize IT time spent checking on the status and can be configured and automatically sent to administrators based upon severity level. Status pages provide up to date progress on the Centera migration.

Contact our Sales team to learn more about how our Centera migration software can simplify your next Centera data migration project.

Link to download Migration Software for Centera datasheet.

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