Cloud Migration with Vapor™

The move to Private clouds can be transformative or reactive in nature.  Some organizations want their IT organizations to be more cost effective and agile and this requires a transition to an on-demand “service-driven” model. This approach means decoupling services from the underlying storage and compute platforms so that the latter can be deployed and used where and when required to meet committed services levels. Private clouds are a means to an end.

Public clouds have offered a number of compelling benefits including: low initial cost, simple APIs, fast deployment and ability to bypass bureaucratic IT processes.  The proliferation of Public cloud use has moved sensitive data outside the firewall and the potential for security issues has made many organizations uncomfortable. As a consequence many IT organizations are implementing private clouds behind the corporate firewall. The Private cloud model provides users the same simplicity and flexibility, but the data is securely inside the corporate datacenter. This enables IT to regain administrative control over sensitive data, service levels and storage infrastructure.

DTS Vapor™ software was developed to move cloud object data from one cloud system to another. The systems include: Public clouds, Private clouds, object systems and NAS.

Public Clouds Supported:

  • Amazon S3
  • OpenStack
  • More coming soon

Private Clouds Supported:

  • EMC ViPR / ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage)
  • EMC Atmos
  • Hitachi

Object Storage Systems Supported:

  • EMC Centera
  • EMC Atmos
  • Hitachi HCP

Vapor software was certified with EMC ECS and ViPR. A white paper detailing how EMC ECS and Vapor can be used to migrate cloud data or backup a Public cloud to ECS can be found by clicking "here" for the document link.

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