LiveMigration for IBM FileNet P8 Software

IBM FileNet P8 has been an integral part of many organizations business critical workflow for years. Now many IT departments have important content repositories in storage locations on aging storage hardware that need to be upgraded to new technology.

DataTrust Solutions Professional Service team has been moving Filenet Images Services and P8 content to new storage systems for almost a decade. During these projects one of the primary considerations has been how to minimize User disruptions during the migration process and similarly avoid long outages during the cutover process. The second primary challenge is keeping the IT organization and their end-customers up to data without burning through PS hours.

LiveMigration for FileNet P8 was developed by DataTrust Solutions to transparently move the content. There is no User disruption during the migration and no cutovers. As its name implies, LiveMigration moves content from one storage area to another in real-time. LiveMigration support all valid FileNet P8 storage locations including: Centera, NAS and object. To do live migrations effectively managing the transactions with the FileNet database is of critical importance. LiveMigration has integrated processes to manage the flow of content from one storage area to another while not overwhelming the FileNet database. These processes were developed and refined over the years by our Professional Services organization.

LiveMigration for FileNet P8 provides browser access to a reporting engine that keep a wealth of statistics on each batch and job. Standard reports are available on demand or they can be generated automatically and emailed on a periodic basis. This keeps the stakeholders aware of the progress and minimizes the time required to do so. Role based access lets stakeholders view reports but not tinker with the application or process.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports all FileNet storage locations
  • No disruption to User access during the migration
  • No cut-over outages
  • On-demand status reports
  • Automatically email reports
  • Alerts, based upon level, can be emailed
  • Fine grain control over processes

LiveMigration for FileNet P8 was designed after year of experience and provides the best Filenet User experience of any data migration application. Contact our Sales team to learn more about how our software can make your next IBM Filenet P8 storage migration project easy and successful.

Link to download the >> LiveMigration for FileNet P8 datasheet >>.

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