Data is often called the lifeblood of an organization and it is the role of IT to:

  • Enable Access to to it
  • Manage it
  • Meet Compliance requirements
  • Protect it
  • Move data forward, to new technologies

At DTS we specialize in developing software to manage data, protect data and move it forward all while helping the IT organization meet compliance requirements. Over the past 9 years we have primarily focused on developing software for Migration (File, Object, Cloud) and Backup (Object, Cloud). In 2017, we are relasing two new families of software.

Secure Archive Manager (SAM) software enables organizations to Archive data and meet compliance requirements for WORM, retention, legal hold, disposition and encryption. Supports local storage, NAS, Cloud and Object storage.

LiveMigration for FileNet P8 enables content to be moved from one storage system to another without any down time. The LiveMigration family will be released for specific applications, the first of which is IBM FileNet P8.

Secure Archive Manager

Secure Archive Manager is a software application that provides compliant archiving functionality. SAM provides users and applications with CIFS, NFS and S3 protocol access to their archived data. SAM abstracts the front-end protocols from the physical storage for maximum flexibility and a storage vendor neutral approach. SAM includes a file system data mover so files can be moved from an existing archive into SAM in a compliant manner with chain-of-custody reports.


Cloud Storage Manager

Cloud Storage Manager is a S3 gateway to multiple cloud storage services. Cloud Storage Manager can write to multiple clouds and synchronize data between them to avoid user disruption when cloud storage vendors experience outages. Cloud Storage Manager can be used to migrate data from one Public or Private cloud storage system to another.

Recovery and Backup Software for Centera

Despite Centera on-array data and off-array replication protection techniques irrecoverable data loss may still occur due to a number of factors. The only true way to protect Centera data is to save an additional copy of the data in an out of band storage system. Backup and Recovery Software for Centera provides near real-time protection and granular recovery options.

LiveMigration for FileNet P8

Migrate FileNet P8 content from one Storage Area to another "LIVE" with no downtime or cut over events. Browser based user interface provides real time status reports on demand or they can be emailed on a set schedule.

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