NAS Migration

At DTS we eat, live and breathe file system data migrations and can help minimize risk from complex migration challenges.

Billions of files moved, each one verified to be identical to the source file and this was just at one Healthcare customer. In addition all the meta-data, time stamps and permissions were also verified. At DTS we eat, live and breathe file system data migrations and can help minimize risk from typical migration challenges. File system migrations are notoriously complex and labor intensive projects made even worse by the scaling of modern NAS systems. Switching storage vendors adds another level of complexity due to the operational and configuration differences of retention and multi-protocol support.

Business Challenges include

  • Disruption of service
  • File inconsistencies due to resynching
  • Planning outage windows
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Cost

Technical Challenges

  • Cutovers
  • Abandoned ACLs
  • Resynchronizing files during migration phases
  • Maintaining original time stamps
  • Versions
  • Maintaining ACLS and permissions
  • Passing/managing of retention
  • Illegal characters
  • Directory depth
  • Project management

Managed Service

Our Professional Services team is available to learn about your environment, priorities and concerns. We use internally developed migration applications that were designed to scale and handle tens of billions of files. Filters allow the migration of only the needed data. Existing retention can be transitioned to support the new target’s retention method. Need to move snapshots and don’t want to rehydrate all the duplicates? We have solved that problem too. There is a reason why we have Managed Services contracts with the leading hardware OEMs. We have the experience and tools to solve the most complex challenges for their PS teams. Let us help you move your data forward.