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DiskXtender migrations are a breeze with services from DataTrust Solutions

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Optimize DiskXtender Migrations

  • Zero Down Time, Transparent to Users
  • Resilient and Fully Automated
  • Filters to selectively Migrate Data
  • Policies to Exclude Files Past Retention
  • Media Aware for faster recalls
  • Content based Data Integrity Checking
  • Validation tools for the Auditors
  • No additional Hardware required
  • Pays for itself with time and labor savings


Introducing ONEPASS for DX the first EMC Legato DiskXtender Migration software. EMC Legato DiskXtender for Windows was often deployed to manage optical libraries in order to meet retention requirements using WORM media. DataTrust Solutions understands the unique challenges of both optical technologies and DiskXtender deployments. ONEPASS for DX utilizes industry best practice methodologies including 160-bit content-based digital finger prints to verify the integrity of every migrated file. Minimize legal risks by using filters to exclude from migration files that are past their retention period. Chain-of-custody reports verify that every DiskXtender migrated file is identical to the original source file. Simplify the task of post migration data verification with the Double Check. This innovative feature that provides side-by-side comparisons of the original DiskXtender source file attributes and the migrated file attributes, including the 160-bit content ID for proof positive that migration of that file was a success. DiskXtender also known as disk extender or disk xtender extends Windows NTFS volumes providing customers with a bottomless pool of storage by purging the files in NTFS and relocating them on another storage device.

The skilled professional service consultants at DataTrust Solutions simplify DiskXtender migrations and EMC Centera migrations. The experience of our people enables the complexities associated with optical libraries in a DiskXtender migration to be minimized.

How much Risk is Acceptable?

OTG DiskXtender migrations can be defective and you may not even be aware unless file level verification is performed using ONEPASS for DX software

Not all data migrations are equal. Some utilize industry recognized best practices and others - well they don't. Unless you ask the right questions you may not know the answer until you are at a deposition, which is a little late.

Why take the risk and settle for a data migration approach that leaves your organization exposed to financial risks and you to professional risks? The stakes are high when the data migration is for data subject to government regulations. Why take legacy data out of your DiskXtender managed optical WORM storage and move it haphazardly to a new WORM storage system. The data migration process is critical to maintaining the integrity of the data and preserving the chain-of-custody. Using simple metrics like file count and file capacity are not acceptable on many levels. First, they are primitive metrics that are decades behind industry best practices. Second, they are not sufficient in preserving the chain-of-custody. Third, as the decision maker this reflects poorly on your understanding of the fundamental business and legal issues associated with data migration.

DataTrust Solutions family of ONEPASS and WINPASS data migration applications guarantee that every migrated file is identical to the original file. Each file to be migrated is analyzed using a SHA-1 cryptographic algorithm that outputs a 160-bit digital fingerprint unique to the contents of that file. After a file is migrated to the new storage target ONEPASS and WINPASS recalls the file and recalculates the digital fingerprint. To report that a file has been successfully migrated, both the source and target 160-bit digital fingerprints must match along with other file attributes. Your OTG DiskXtender managed data is safely, accurately and quickly migrated from legacy optical, disk and tape archives to a new archival storage system.

Maintaining data integrity and chain-of-custody during a data migration is critical to companies in regulated industries. Accordingly, companies may hire 3rd party auditors to validate the migrated data by utilizing sampling techniques. Our Double Check feature provides an integrated methodology to efficiently re-validate files migrated from legacy storage - saving your auditor’s time and you money.

In summary, the ONEPASS and WINPASS applications were specifically designed to meet the unique technical, operational and legal challenges facing organizations undergoing data migrations, especially in regulated industries. Our suite of data migration applications were uniquely designed to protect the integrity of every file and to accelerate both the data migration and the post migration audit processes. In addition, we have developed optimized versions for EMC Legato DiskXtender for Windows and Oracle/Sun/StorageTek's Application Storage Manager (ASM) for Windows and Microsoft’s Windows Server.