Cloud Storage Manager

As organizations transform to more cost effective and agile Cloud options a new set of requirements is emerging.

As organizations transform to more cost effective and agile Cloud options a new set of requirements is emerging. Organizations have many legacy applications that were not developed for cloud and moving away from traditional file systems is painful. Recent long outages at Amazon raise the question of whether putting all data into single cloud vendor infrastructure is a good business practice. The desire to move from one Public cloud to another or to a Private cloud raises the question of how to accomplish this without long outages.

Cloud Storage Manager

Cloud Storage Manager software was developed to help organizations manage access to data in a cloud or clouds or move data from one cloud storage system to another.

Cloud Storage Manager software is a gateway (single S3 front end interface) for users and applications to access data stored in more than one Public or Private clouds. Cloud Storage Manager automates processes with configurable Policies for writing, reading, caching, synchronization.

Data outages are a thing of the past as CSM automatically detects whether a cloud storage service is available or not. Data will be read from or written to the preferred cloud storage system if it is available. CSM will read from or write to the secondary cloud storage when the primary cloud storage is not available. CSM synchronizes the off line cloud when it becomes available again.

Cloud Storage Manger can cache S3 storage objects to local storage. A configurable Cache policy determines the lifetime of the data in the local cache. This provides S3 clients faster access to data for a predetermined period of time. The Write policy can be scheduled and this determines when data is written to each cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Gateway

Many legacy applications can not make the leap to cloud storage and are locked into using traditional CIFS or NFS protocols. IT organizations are under pressure to adopt the cloud. To bridge the traditional file system storage access with the back end cloud storage is the role of hybrid storage. The Secure Archive Manager (SAM) software is a hybrid cloud enabler. It provides traditional file system access to applications and users and uses Public or Private cloud storage.

Public Clouds Supported

  • Amazon S3
  • More coming soon
  • OpenStack

Private Clouds Supported

  • EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage)
  • Hitachi HCP
  • EMC Atmos

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