This is a modern dinosaur.

Extinction is on the horizon.

Transition from the old to the new.

Data silos and infrastructure are the past. Data as a service is the future. We bridge the gap.

Feature 1


Immutability, retention, encryption, multiple copies and auditing capabilities to meet Governance and Compliance requirements.

Feature 2

Hybrid Cloud

Meet Cloud first initiatives and provide site protection. Policy driven, automatic data placement on different storage tiers delivers the best blend of performance and cost. Leading Public and Private Clouds supported.



Unprecedented data availability when utilizing multi-cloud with no fail-overs required.
Automatically write to data and read from to multiple Public and Public Clouds.
If the preferred source is not available SAM will automatically use the next option.

Do not make a Titanic mistake and ignore the impact of Legacy data.

  • Microsoft Office files
  • Windows File & print servers
  • NAS proliferation everywhere
  • Legacy applications use hierarchical file systems

At DataTrust Solutions we enable organizations  to modernize data access and the freedom to not be constrained by infrastructure, protocols, technology or location. We enable user and legacy applications transparent access to their files independent of whether they are stored on local, NAS/SAN, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud infrastructure. Our software can use policies to creates multiple independent copies and then automatically access other storage locations when the primary is not available thus avoiding an outage and call to IT. By providing the highest levels of data availability we let users focus on creating value and IT avoid chasing support tickets.

We have partnered with DataTrust Solutions for over 7 years to successfully migrate many customers in regulated industries to their Secure Archive Manager solution.  Their product is solid and their technical resources and overall team have been great partners.  I would highly recommend them if you have a compliance storage need!

M. Ray Hughes

M. Ray Hughes

Director of Operations
Western Integrated Systems 

DAC partnered with DTS over the past12 years and we have completed over 100 successful migration projects for banks, hospitals, insurance companies and government agencies in the USA, UK and Mexico. Their staff is very professional and highly technical which is important to enterprise customers.

Paul Greene

Paul Greene

Data Archive Corporation

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