A Bridge to the Future

Organizations realize the strategic importance of data and consider it to be a valuable corporate asset that must be managed and protected just like any other asset. IT is chartered with the task of managing and protecting the data. To hold people accountable IT is structured in a demarcated manner around specialized functions. Each department has a myopic view of the tree before them and not the forest. As a consequence their attention is on the infrastructure required to enable their piece of the puzzle. This is why data silos continue to exist.

The Cloud has started to chip away at the legacy philosophy and focus and is changing the conversation from infrastructure to services. IT exists to provide data access to authorized users and applications. With the understanding that it must be saved, stored and protected in order for it to be accessed by users and applications. 

Ultimately organizations need to create a data-driven culture in order to realize the true business value of data. They face the iceberg challenge. New applications are being designed as “cloud native” to take advantage of speed, scale and cost advantages of the Cloud. This is the tip of the iceberg. However, the vast majority of user and application data is the iceberg beneath the surface. Organizations do not have the time or resources to fix the problems and modernize. As a consequence IT is taking a hybrid approach. They have to maintain the legacy access to data as the users and applications are slow to change. However, they can decouple the “data access” from the infrastructure that manages it.

DataTrust Solutions provides file access platform that decouples the data from the infrastructure, while maintaining user access. A virtual interface provides the familiar access and it allows IT to modernize their storage infrastructure by utilizing both existing assets and Cloud services. Data is now agile and can be managed across many different technologies and protocols without any impact to users and applications. Data can be dispersed across locations to afford site protection. The data management software is all knowing and has the ability to shield users from infrastructure failures, or upgrades or migrations. Policy based automation takes over the mundane tasks and affords IT the time to strategize on making the transition to a data driven organization.

Take the first step to a new future.