ChatGPT no Skynet

A modern gold rush occurred with OpenAI releasing its ChatGPT in November. It has generative AI, which means it can generate content based upon inputs. It can write research reports, take standardized exams and can create photorealistic digital images. Since then, billions of dollars have been invested, including $10 billion by Microsoft. A lot of companies, including ours, are seeking to build the technologies into their own products.

The excitement ramped on March 14th with the release of the multimodal GPT 4 language model. Of course the detractors are sounding the alarms and proclaiming that Skynet, from the Terminator series is around the corner.

If you want to check out the capabilities of GPT-4 the easiest way is to use Microsoft Edge browser and type in and follow the on screen instructions. So of course I asked it if you can use Bing Chat on other browsers and here is the response:

Received message. Yes, you can use Bing chat on Google Chrome by integrating Bing with the browser. You can use a third-party Chrome extension named ‘Bing for all browsers’ to use the new AI chatbot. Alternatively, you can access Bing Chat AI from other modern browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox) by changing the “user agent” settings to trick Bing into thinking that you are using Microsoft Edge as the browser. I hope this helps!

The last time I checked there are over 100 AI models that are available. You can find a good tracking list at:

Going back in time on October 4, 2011 a virtual assistant technology called Alexa was introduced as a feature on the iPhone 4. It raised the bar by employing bot A.I. and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It did not revolutionize the world as many anticipated, but it did open our imaginations to new possibilities, both good and bad.

May your future be interesting.