Hello 2023

The team at DTS is looking forward to the adventures that 2023 will bring. To start of the year we moved to Longmont Colorado, a mere 20 miles from our old offices. Everybody hates to move but the lure of 10Gb networking to the office was too much to resist. Not that anybody goes to the office any more, but we have rows of server racks that developers and engineers access 24×7.

Later in the month we will be introducing a new look to our flagship software Secure Archive Manager along with Role Based Access Control for enhanced security and ransomware protection. Plus we are adding more cloud storage options from Google, Wasabi and Hitachi HCP for CloudScale.

Despite all the chaos from COVID and the economy in 2022 our employees and partners kept our sailing point on a beam reach and some of the highlights were:

  • Added customers in 7 new countries: Dubai, France, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Norway and Spain
  • One customer deployed over 60 SAM gateways (edge to center)
  • One banking customer exceeded 10 billion files in a single SAM system
  • Our first SAM customer is still running non-stop for 4.5 years
  • IBM Content Manager and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager migrations were added to the Services portfolio
  • First year Dell/EMC Isilon migrations exceeded Dell/EMC Centera/ECS migrations
  • Started doing SEC and FINRA compliance webinars
  • The transition to remote working did not impact productivity and we released two versions of SAM.

May your journey be interesting.