Just Saying: What about bulk file rehydration?

Great job, you bought that software that inventories a file system and moves the old cold data to an object store. You actions saved money moving cold data from fast expensive disk to less expensive, but slower storage. Now that 5 TB research project that was finished a year ago and moved to object storage is getting revived. The project manager opens some files and realizes that file reads are slow and asks why?  You respond that IT saved a bunch of money by moving the project directory from the expensive disk to less expensive disk. Then you provide the bad news that there is no easy way to move the project directory back to the fast disk. Each file will be rehydrated as it is read.

Just saying, we often focus on the new shiny thing and do not really look beyond it. We love the paint color and that engine sound is a beast as it rips from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. So you bought the car, but did you ever ask about one of the most critical items on the car, the brakes? Going fast put a smile on your face, nothing quite like a track day. But are those OEM brakes going to fade as you are approaching the third corner and put you into the rail and total the car?

Management is always asking IT to save money and you did it. Unfortunately the project team is now upset and asks why nobody thought about bulk rehydration and made that feature part of the requirements?

Good new Secure Archive Manager can automatically tier cold data off the fast expensive disk and lower the Total Cost of Ownership. Better news is that the administrator can bulk hydrate data back to the fast disk. This is a win-win.